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Ergonomic Rail Coach layouts and

  • Seating and Berthing systems
  • Case studies: space optimization
  • Paneling of walls, partitions and ceilings
  • Colour schemes: Interiors and Exteriors
  • Flooring systems

Passenger Safety, Security and Accessibility systems

  • Vestibules and gangways
  • CCTV system for rail transport applications
  • Provision of Automatic Entrance and Interior Doors
  • Window systems
  • Ladder arrangements for climbing on coaches and berths
  • Signages on coaches
  • Facilities for differently abled persons

Air-conditioning & train lighting

  • Air conditioning system, Ducting
  • Modern Train lighting system
  • Passenger information display system

Hygiene friendly coach toilets and

  • Coach toilets with optimized space and modern fittings
  • Pest and Rodent control measures
  • Dustbins and garbage storage and disposal system

Innovative materials for interior furnishing and coatings

  • Light weight shell and furnishing materials
  • Maintenance free/friendly furnishing materials Cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and safe materials
  • Interior Noise and Dust reduction measures

Tourist, Service coaches and

  • Luxury coach designs
  • Pantry/ Hot Buffet cars and equipments
  • Water/Coffee vending machines